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A fusion of ethnic and contemporary collection

Artware Lounge is an art boutique where we passionately curate an authentic and exceptional collection of artworks, handmade pieces of contemporary design, created by talented and skilled artists, designers, and artisans.
Every single piece combines designers' original ideas with craftsmen's ancient know-how in a fresh and sophisticated way. Each work narrates its own story and catches the fancy of those who are in search of something timeless, unique, and limited edition.

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Authentic handmade artwork selection

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Our chic headbands collections

The collection is limited edition, and there is only one piece of each color combination, So Treat yourself today and pick your favorite one!

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Art is love; let it choose your style!

In a world obsessed with automation and mass-production, we acknowledge the importance of supporting handmade and reclaiming the craft disappearing techniques, and eagerly want to empower talented individual artists by amplifying their voices and showcasing their stunning creations. Accordingly, we collaborate with selective international and culturally diverse individual artists, with the confidence that our collection engages an open intercultural dialogue.
We love to make hand-crafted art more accessible to its lovers so we invite you to join us in exploring works of art that bring a special vibe to your style and space.


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